Small molecule FPR/NOX2 agonists

Development of proprietary unique nM potent agonist of FPR/NOX2

for treatment of autoimmunity, inflammation and infections

Board of directors

Pronoxis is actively led by the operational board of directors of the mother company Redoxis AB.

The CEO, Dr Peter Olofsson-Sahl, is managing all Pronoxis IP, and external collaborations and agreements, while the board of directors is actively engaged in the strategy of Pronoxis research and partnership engagements.

Rikard Holmdahl


Professor Rikard Holmdahl (PhD, MD) has been a professor of medical inflammation research since 1993 (Karolinska Institute, Stockholm since 2008 and Lund University from 1993 to 2007).

He has been a professor at the Finnish Academy (Turku University) since 2006. Dr. Holmdahl has a long experience in both academic and entrepreneurial work.

He has been leading the work to standardise animal models for autoimmune diseases in Europe and has published more than 500 papers with a strong emphasis on experimental animal work. He is currently a member also of the board of Redoxis subsidiary ProNoxis AB and Vacara AB.

Peter Olofsson-Sahl


Dr. Peter Olofsson-Sahl holds a PhD from Lund University and an executive MBA from the G√∂teborg School of Economics and Law and is appointed as associate professor at University West in Sweden. 

Since May 2016, Dr. Olofsson is the CEO of ProNoxis AB, providing exoertice in preclinical drug development and international pattnerships and IP management.

Peter was between 2007 and April 2016 CEO of Redoxis AB and has previously held project management positions at companies such as Arexis AB and Biovitrum AB (publ).

Malin Hultqvist Hopkins

Member of board

Dr. Malin Hultqvist Hopkins is since May 2016 CEO of Redoxis. Malin holds a PhD in Medical Inflammation Research from Lund University (Sweden) and was between 2009-2016 CSO of Redoxis and director of CRO services.

Malin is also member of the board of Redoxis subsidiary ProNoxis AB, focusing on development of small molecule drugs for treatment of autoimmune conditions.

Erik Walum

Member of Board

Erik Walum is a former professor in Neurotoxicology at Stockholm University and has served as Head of Molecular Biology and Genomics at Pharmacia, Head of Obesity Pharmacology at Biovitrum and CEO of Glucox Biotech AB. (Foto by Stig Larsson).